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Scott Vogeli

Modern Edison Electric...Advertiser

"I’m writing to personally thank Jenny Thurman for offering me a spot in The Hills Living magazine. It has truly been a blessing for me and my company. Jenny, thank you so much for the opportunity. You are a miracle worker!"


Sherry Joyce...Resident

"What is the one magazine I look forward to getting every month? For me, it is THE HILLS LIVING! The quality of the magazine is outstanding—articles and photos are excellent. And, there is something of interest for everyone! The Hills Living magazine is such a well done publication with a great variety of features and content. Each month I am always excited to see one of my neighbors’ gorgeous homes. It’s so fun to see how people design and decorate their living spaces. I enjoy learning about the families and individuals in the community and all of the good work they are doing. It’s especially fun when I see one of my friends in the magazine, I feel like I know someone important! I also appreciate the quality of the photography and how it represents the beautiful place that we call home. Overall, it is a great reflection of our diverse community. Keep up the good work!"


Robert Hashagen

Elite Handyman Solutions...Advertiser

"Services provided by Jenny Thurman has been integral in the development of my business. She offers a personalized approach to marketing and networking. My business has grown exponentially in a very short time thanks to the sales, marketing, networking and advertising provided. I highly recommend Jenny for any marketing needs in business development!"


Sonia Griss Gonzanlez

The Best Clean...Advertiser

"The Hills Living has been a positive and great support for my house cleaning business. By promoting my mission and vision, my clientele expanded rapidly. Jenny Thurman is a wonderful and lovely person. Her recommendations have made a HUGE impact on the growth of my business."

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