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My name is Jenny Thurman...I own & operate 'The Hills Living' monthly community magazine for the residents of Serrano and the surrounding El Dorado Hills, CA community. Our publications are unique, in that the residents or the readers are the writers of every feature each month. Residents LOVE their monthly publication because it connects them to others in their own community, not only by reading their stories and seeing their photos, but also meeting at fun & free 'THL' events each month. These mixers are very popular with residents because they know they can show up and hang out with friends & neighbors, but also meet some new friends. They also love that our publication is such high quality that they can keep them on their coffee tables to look through when friends come over.


Our local business sponsors LOVE advertising with us because they are also invited to the FREE mixers & have the opportunity to meet and be seen in the magazine with the residents who live there. Business owners have the ability to feature their own business with our 2-page sponsor features, and many more opportunities for exposure.


Residents of affluent communities like Serrano utilize businesses almost exclusively off WORD-OF-MOUTH referrals and recommendations from family, friends and neighbors, so getting to know and staying in front of these influential people is a 'No Brainer' in growing and maintaining that consistent word-of-mouth growth. I have seen how this works, and it is a domino effect that builds momentum, especially with platforms such as, which reaches twenty-thousand homes in this community, and is growing all the time. is widely used every day for recommendations and referrals to businesses just like yours.


If you own a local business and think it may be a fit for the residents of this affluent community or several others within the greater Sacramento area (Fab 40's, Los Lagos, Granite Bay Golf Course, Verdera, Sierra Oaks, ETC), lets get together for 15 - 20 minutes and find out. 

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